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The Best of Magical Peru

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 22-08-2022

The Best of Magical Peru could be the best Peru tour to see all of the most important sights in this incredible country. Lasting just over two weeks and carefully planned to be acclimatizing for the altitude, all along the way, this carefully planned itinerary has it all! From the bustling capital of Lima; The deepest canyon in the world at Colca; The capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco, the magnificent Machu Picchu; the highest navigable lake in the world, Titicaca, and the ecologically fascinating Amazon... all in 15 days! This tour has it all for your Peru vacation.


Santa Catalina Monastery, Arequipa



Lima, the City of Kings, offers plenty to satisfy all tastes.  Whether it’s the world-class food, nightlife, colonial-style architecture or surfing, this Peruvian gem does provide something for everyone. The food is exquisite, and Lima is the only city with two restaurants ranking in the top 10 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Central and Maido. The colonial architecture in the down area surrounding the Plaza de Armas will immerse you in the history of the City of Kings, where you will be transported back in time when this city was Spain’s capital of South America. To the east of the plaza resides the Palacio Arzobispal, which has ornate Moorish-style balconies unique to Peruvian architecture. In the northeast is Palacio de Gobierno, a grandiose Baroque-style building that serves as the residence for Peru’s president.


Lima Water Park



Arequipa´s skyline is dominated by its volcanos. This is apparent in the walls of its streets, buildings and churches; in the beautiful geography that has created a fertile valley and one of the world’s deepest canyons. Imagine enjoying the warm waters of a thermal pool as you look out towards green mountains crowned with magnificent snow-topped peaks. Arequipa is a place you won’t want to leave, thanks to its unique cuisine, its history, and its unique cordiality.


Plaza de Armas, Arequipa


Colca Canyon

We will head out of Arequipa city to enjoy the drastically changing countryside of Peru in one of the world’s deepest canyons. Observe giant Andean condors flying overhead and the contrast of the lush green foliage near the bottom of the canyon, and the dry, rocky terrain near the peaks, as the elevation increases. The fascinating communities of local Colca people with their ancient traditions and dress will offer us a warm welcome and the welcoming hot springs at the Calera.


Condor Cross, Colca Canyon


Lake Titicaca

Mystery and stunning altiplano await us on a trip to Lake Titicaca. Its magical l waters are home to diverse Andean communities and a hot spot for some of Peru’s largest festivals. Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake and one of South America’s stunning natural wonders. The deep blue of the water seems to meld with the sky, and a ring of snow-tipped peaks creates the remarkable sensation of floating atop the earth’s highest elevations. Visit the impressive floating islands of Uros and the male knitters on Taquile Island as you experience the culture and customs of this awe-inspiring lake.


Hiking Taquile Island, Lake Titicaca



Cusco is one of the world's most magical places, not just because of its proximity to Machu Picchu. Travelers of any kind will undoubtedly find themselves sucked into this city's culture, food, and people. Situated in the Andes Mountains of Peru at 3,400 meters (11,000 feet) above sea level. Cusco is surrounded by beautiful hills and extends into a river basin known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The city has around 365,000 inhabitants, a majority of who are Mestizo and indigenous. Cusco city is located in southeastern Peru and nestled high in the mountains, making it the perfect starting point for tours and offering endless possibilities to explore the surroundings. Many travelers pay a visit to Cusco not only to marvel at its ancient Inca foundations and charming cobbled streets but also to start on trips into the majestic Andes, to see famous Inca ruins, and of course, to visit Machu Picchu.


Cusco Street


The Sacred Valley


A popular destination for tourists heading to Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley is a lush green valley just 15km north of Cusco. The Incas used the valley as a highly prized site due to its rich, fertile agricultural lands. Inca ruins are now dotted throughout the valley, and the land has a very Peruvian feel, thanks to the many authentic villages and towns that populate the region. The valley’s rich history and culture make it a great place to acclimatize and prepare themselves for the Machu Picchu experience. The Sacred Valley boasts mysteries, Inca history, an uncountable number of ruins, stone terraces, and beautiful natural settings in the photogenic valley carved by the Urubamba River.


Pisaq Ruins


Machu Picchu


Surrounded by mountain peaks and 2,430 meters (7,970 ft) above sea level, the incredible Inca ruins in the sky are truly astonishing. Words cannot begin to describe Machu Picchu, making it even more important to see it yourself. This citadel in the clouds was abandoned only 100 years after being built, and Spanish invaders never found Machu Picchu. It was left to nature before being rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. A hidden city protected by the mountains and still wonderfully inaccessible other than by foot or train, Machu Picchu is now a New Seven Wonders of the World and a bucket-list item for the masses.


Machu Picchu


The Amazon Basin


The Tambopata National Reserve has 2748 square km of virgin Amazon rainforest in southeast Peru.  With more than 230 species of plants and 160 mammal species, Tambopata receives its name from the main river that crosses it of the same name. This river was born in the Peruvian Altiplano, near the Bolivian border and empties into the National Reserve. Tambopata has incredible biodiversity in flora and fauna; it is also a refuge for many endangered species and other exotic wildlife. Not to mention being the home of indigenous communities that promote social tourism. It is one of the most visited areas in the Peruvian south jungle, offering a unique experience in the Amazon.


Posada Amazonas, Tambopata


This tour finishes back in Lima for your return flight home and just enough time to experience all of the best parts of magical Peru Book this tour here.