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Traveling to Peru with Children

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 11-08-2022

Choosing a destination for a family trip can often be difficult, and even more if you have young children. However, Peru offers incredible destinations so that the fun and joy are the same for adults and young people. There are all different activities to do, ranging from historical sites, activity adventures, natural paradises, and all in the great outdoors. Here is some helpful information about traveling with children.


Family Vacation

You will find it in Peru whatever your kids and your family interest Peru. Whether mountain biking, white-water rafting, sightseeing, or dining, Peru has you covered. The country's diverse landscapes mean that whether you’re a family who wants to trek the Colca Canyon, shop in Lima, or learn all about the history and culture in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, the perfect trip is just a stone’s throw away.


Local Family in Peru


Help them get to know the destination before you go.

Introduce aspects of a trip to Peru before you go by trying the foods of your goal, exploring kid-friendly books about the region, and talking to them about what you’ll see there. It will be much more exciting when they see it in person for the first time!


Hiking Trip


A Kid–Friendly Guide

While Peru is an excellent destination, you must experience it correctly. An excellent guide can make the difference between your cherished lifelong memories and your family having some immersive experiences and participating in activities that are second to none. Traveling with local knowledge also means getting away from the crowds and having more space to explore the country. 




For kids who love nature:

Exploring the Amazon with specially tailored kid-friendly family Peru activities at a beautiful Lodge in Tambopata
Piranha fishing on an Amazon cruise
Swimming with sea lions in Lima
Whale watching in Mancora Activities to do With Kids in Peru
Titicaca Homestay with a local family


Family Amazon Trip



For kids who love adrenaline:

Hiking in the Sacred Valley
Zip lining at Skylodge Adventure Suites in Urubamba
White water rafting and stand-up paddle boarding in the Sacred Valley 


It’s true that not every family member is all about constant adventure. Sometimes you want to take it slow and breathe fresh air! If your kids are more interested in the creative side of adventure, you may want to consider a ceramic art experience in Cusco, which is a perfect way to create souvenirs and spend an afternoon. You could also take on a cooking class, giving your family great memories to take home from the culinary capital of South America. You could also try your hands at chocolate making- who doesn’t love chocolate? 


Choco Museo


Hikes to Do with Kids in Peru

There’s no debate that hiking is the main activity of most Peruvian adventures.  It’s one of the best ways to experience the off-the-beaten path of Peru. Not all families love hiking, and not every hike in Peru is suitable for all families, either. An excellent example of this is the 4-day Inca Trail. This trek can be challenging on the muscles, it’s bustling, and if you or your kid decides they don’t want to walk anymore, you may end up carrying them! There are no exit routes, and very few emergency evacuation plans are in place. 

Besides the possible risk of injury, the Inca Trail isn’t a dangerous choice for a family hike, and injuries are relatively rare. If you decide that the Inca Trail is a good trek for your family, ensure that you are up to date on the current regulations and book in advance, as permits often sell out. There are no hotels on the Inca Trail, so you will have to camp. Many families find this to be a great window into nature, and it’s also worth noting that the Inca trail involves some very early mornings, and you will need to arrive at Machu Picchu along with the rest of the visitors, leaving your kids in a bad mood for the rest of the day. We recommend an afternoon visit with fewer people. 


Hiking with Kids


Things you must know about Peru with Kids.


Any holiday with kids runs the risk of being poorly planned, especially somewhere like Peru; however, it would be a real shame to come to Peru and not see some Inca ruins. It can be a tricky balance, but we have some great family adventures through Peru that will combine sightseeing with some more interactive activities. It’s not easy to plan a family holiday that caters to everyone, but for such a vast and diverse country, Peru does a great job of ensuring the whole family remembers the adventure. Make sure you choose the right one- whether it is an adventure to Machu Picchu, deep into the Amazon, or both.


Family Hike


Give yourself plenty of extra time.


With the little ones, everything has the potential to take a bit longer. Budget extra time for that long walk to your airport gate, that taxi ride to your tour experience, and your journey to that restaurant down the street from your hotel you’ve been hoping to try. When you’re not cutting it close to tour start times or other deadlines, you’ll suddenly feel like you have all the time in the world – and the stress of getting kids from A to B won’t be so much.


Titicaca Train

Family Safety While Traveling Peru

Of course, safety will always be a priority wherever you travel, especially as a family. Visitors can make a couple of errors when traveling to Peru. One is booking an unlicensed or uninsured tour operator. Approximately 70% of tour operators in Peru work without a license, meaning choosing a safe Travel Operator can be more challenging.

Social issues are another great reason to choose a reputable travel company. If something goes wrong, what do you do if your company cancels on you and leaves you stranded? Particularly in the wake of COVID19, it’s essential to know how your chosen company handles a crisis that is out of its control. Valencia Travel has made several commitments to traveling to Peru safely and always putting the customers’ needs first.


Family Safety