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Why Travel To Peru?

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 23-01-2023

Are you asking yourself, why visit Peru? As one of the biggest countries in South America, Peru’s landscape is diverse. In the east, you have the exotic Amazon Rainforest, which is home to indigenous tribes and unique wildlife. The Andean Mountains divide the country in half, beckoning the bravest hikers to approach them, and on the western Pacific Coast, pristine beaches and marine life dominate. Here are just some of the impressive reasons why you should travel to Peru.


Peruvian Woman in Traditional Dress


Visit the Inca Capital City of Cusco

As the ancient capital city of the Inca empire, Cusco is one of the best reasons to visit Peru. The historic center of Cusco has kept most of its original Inca charm. Matter of fact, many of the original Inca buildings can still be seen in Cusco, offering visitors a glimpse of the impressive construction techniques used by the Incas. 


Inca Architecture


Yes, Machu Picchu is mind-blowing!

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room! The citadel of Machu Picchu, a marvel of ancient wonders, is universally regarded as Inca architecture at its finest and deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Intipunku (Sun Gate), the Wayna Picchu, and the Inca Bridge, bear testimony to the excellence that human perseverance and skills can achieve. So, yes, Machu Picchu is a reason to travel to Peru. But certainly not the only one.


The food is incredible!

Peru is known as a leading gastronomical destination in the world, with its unique combination of traditional cuisines and modern trends in food and drink. And the best part is you don’t need to go to the finest restaurant in Lima to have the best meal of your life. You’ll find great, local cuisine in every corner of the country. Because Peru has a huge variety of landscapes, it is able to source a wide range of fresh ingredients which are completely represented in the country´s cuisine.


Arroz con Pato


The people are friendly

Traveling across Peru, you will experience the rare opportunity to meet people who have been living in the region for centuries and have hardly been anywhere else. The hospitality of the indigenous people throughout the country is bound to inspire you.

World Class Hiking

One of the best reasons to visit Peru is to experience the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail is a historical 4-day trek that goes through some of the routes that the Inca civilization used to navigate through the Sacred Valley. There are many other impressive treks in the region such as Salkantay, Choquequirao, and Ausangate to name but a few, that make the Cusco region a trekker's paradise!


Trekking Rainbow Mountain

The Amazon Rainforest is out of this world


As you embark on a jungle tour, the flora and fauna of the surrounding landscapes and the Amazon Rainforest will cast a spell on you. You will soon begin to appreciate the journey more than the destination. Peru is nearly 60 percent Amazonian rainforest and the most famous gateway to the Amazon Rainforest is Iquitos, a city in the northern part of Peru. With no roads connecting it, the only way to get to Iquitos is either by boat or plane. Iquitos is situated next to the amazing Amazon River, and thus offers visitors easier access to the magic of the Amazon. 

Lake Titicaca is where the sun was born

This is commonly believed here, explaining why Titicaca is considered so sacred by the indigenous people. It’s a beautiful lake with reed islands inhabited by native communities. Nowadays, people don’t travel to Lake Titicaca to learn about the Incas, but the Uros people instead. Why? The Uros people have built over 100 floating islands on Lake Titicaca, using only native plants grown in the lake and nothing but their hands.  Talk about sustainability and impressive engineering!


Llamas on Lake Titicaca

The mysterious Nazca Lines are like nothing you’ve seen before

These etchings of living beings, like birds and men, on the desert beyond the city of Nazca date back to 500 BC. They are so extensive that they can only properly be viewed from above, preferably from choppers or airplanes. The Nazca Lines remain one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Researchers have been studying them for decades, but nobody has been able to explain what they are or why they were built. Why did the Nazca people make these famous geoglyphs? 

Visit one of the deepest canyons in the world

Colca Canyon is a river canyon situated in southern Peru, approximately 4.5 hours away from the popular city of Arequipa. For the local tribes that live there, the Colca Canyon is known as the natural habitat for condors, a symbol of Hanan Pacha, or heavenly world, in the Inca culture. 


View over Colca Canyon


If you are wondering why you should go to Peru, then this is just a taster of what the country has to offer. Ask us here for more incredible reasons why you plan a vacation and why visit Peru!