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FAQs About Our Wellness Tours

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 07-09-2022

Wellness means many different things to different people. Rely on our wellness travel advisors to ask the right questions that get to the heart of what wellness means to you and what you are looking for in a wellness retreat or vacation. Is it a full-blown immersive experience? Healthy dining options? Connecting mind and soul? A hotel with a  gym? Here are some frequently asked questions to get you started!


Remote Nature

What do I need to know before I arrive?

Once you have made your reservation, you will receive detailed “Pre-Trip Information,” which will give you vital advice about booking your travel to and within Peru, what will happen on arrival to Cusco, and what to bring. 

 How should I dress?

The Sacred Valley and Cusco have the most moderate weather in the Andes, generally warm sunny days and cool nights. Unless you’re planning a strenuous trek, there is no wrong time to come to the Sacred Valley. Since weather can change dramatically at high altitudes, it is always wise to have a hat, rain/wind jacket and a few layers. 

March through May (the Andean autumn months) is sunny, and the mountains and fields are beautifully green. Soft rains may fall at night in February and March. 

June through August (the winter months) is sunny and dry. After sunset, it gets cold enough for a sweater or jacket. Frost occurs only rarely due to the dry climate.

September through November (Andean spring months), we experience warmer nights. Light rains at night may begin in November.

December through February, gardens are in full bloom. Rains should be expected as we are at the beginning of the summer rainy season. Mornings are often clear and dry, and the rains arrive in the afternoon and continue through the night. 


Prayer Stones


What will I be eating?

The focus of meals is generally farm-to-table meals sourced from local organic gardens. We happily cater to vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets with advance notice. Fresh herbal teas, organic coffee, and beer and wine are available. Check with us about the included meal options for the retreat or experience of your choice.

How much cash should I bring?

Peruvians won’t accept any US notes that are torn or very worn. Please bring only crisp, new bills for shopping or tipping. US dollars are accepted, but most places and people prefer Peruvian Soles. We advise you to carry small denominations of soles as bigger notes can be harder to change in more remote areas. Credit cards are widely used, and there are ATMs throughout Cusco and The Sacred Valley.




Tipping is based on a decent service approach. We recommend 10% as standard for meals and services but feel free to tip more or less based on the service you receive. Massage therapists and other service providers can be tipped directly with the amount you think is correct. If in doubt, ask us or your guide!


Mobile Reception


Most cell phone carriers have a roaming plan that you can pre-order with your supplier. We recommend having a WhatsApp Account since most of Peru functions via WhatsApp. This will be the best way to communicate with your guide, taxi driver, restaurant or yoga teacher.


Archaeological Sites


What Spa Services are Available?


Please ask us for our Spa options and the services available. From medicinal solar baths, therapeutic massage, crystal treatments, home-made essential oils, hydrosol sprays, water circuits, remote nature or gyms…we can offer the best services for your needs.



Can I make my retreat without a group?


Of course! Many travelers come to Peru on their own to reconnect with themselves. Some prefer to be active and see the many attractions of the Sacred Valley, while others prefer to relax and enjoy the spa services. 

What kind of Ceremonies can I join?


Ask us our list of ceremonies and optional activities available to guests (pending availability).


Shamanic Ceremony



Are there more energetic activities available?


Consider reserving a guide to take you on a spectacular half-day hike to nearby caves, waterfalls or lagoons. Book a mountain bike adventure above the Salt Mines or a horseback riding tour along the Vilcanota River. There is also zip lining, river rafting, paddle boarding, paragliding, and ATV tours. And don’t forget about the Incan ruins of Moray, Ollantaytambo and Pisaq or the weaving demonstrations in Chinchero.

What are the benefits of a wellness vacation?


Adopting a healthy lifestyle, having a preventive approach towards your health, doing physical exercise and attending Spas and wellness centers for treatments such as massage and hydrotherapy have medically proven benefits such as: Significantly decreasing the primary stress hormone “cortisol”, thus reducing anxiety and depression; improving skin health and boosting anti-aging effects¸ by increasing blood flow; encourages lymphatic drainage of toxins and adds vitality to a dull complexion; improving vascular function with or without accompanying exercise; regulating sleep patterns; reducing inflammation and pain: just 10 minutes of therapeutic massage, for instance, can reduce inflammation, ease sore muscles, help alleviate pain and help the body recover; increase circulating lymphocytes, the white blood cells that defend the body against diseases and therefore boosting the immune system.


Healing Stones


What can I expect on a wellness tour?

You can expect to get away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life, widen your perspectives and engage in a structured program that may allow you to learn a new set of rules to help build and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Can a wellness trip be a turning point in my life?


You are investing time in yourself, your health and your well-being. There will be fewer distractions and temptations than at home and professional advice and guidance. Depending on the program's duration and intensity, this is generally a good mix of factors for transformational experiences.


How do I choose the correct package for me?

You can start by narrowing your search based on your preferred activities. Here are some examples:

Spa Break: ideal for relaxation, distress, unplugging, recharging your batteries, pampering and beauty; additional therapeutic benefits depending on the type of treatments.
Beach Spa: same as above but with the added benefit of enjoying the seaside.
Thermal & Mineral: ideal for revitalizing, toning, detoxing, preventive health and complementary medical treatments, based on the unique properties of natural spring water or seawater in the form of Thalassotherapy.
Fitness & Sports: ideal for improving overall health, well-being and self-esteem. Getting back on track towards being fit, improving physical condition and challenging yourself.
Detox & Weight loss: ideal for improving overall health, well-being and self-esteem. Body cleansing, purification, and reset; slimming and getting back on track towards a healthier body weight.
Medical & Health Spa- both conventional, alternative and integrative medicine. Go beyond the traditional Spa and tackle health and beauty issues with cutting-edge technologies and expert medical staff in a calming and luxurious environment.
Holistic & Stress Management: ideal for improving overall mental and emotional well-being with an integrated approach, scientifically proven techniques and expert professionals.
Yoga retreats: explore a combination of ancient yoga techniques, therapies and treatments for improving overall physical and mental well-being.
Nature, Eco & Organic: explore a combination of Spa treatments with hiking in The Andes and organic meals.




What is included?

The package details of each Programme/ Package describe the inclusions from accommodation to treatments, activities and meals. Flights are not included. Transfers will usually be included.


What should I bring?

Besides what you would typically bring on vacation to Peru, it is a good idea to pack some comfortable, light sportswear and shoes, a bathing suit, slippers/sandals, a swimming cap, sunhat and sunglasses. Even if you are not selecting a fitness and sports program, your hotel probably has a fitness center and walking trails with some outdoor sports facilities. We suggest you dress for comfort. Clothes for yoga classes, Comfortable shoes as you’ll want to walk during the day and bring a jacket so you can sit out at night to enjoy the stars.


Back To Nature


 What activities are there for children?

Some centers and retreats have kids’ clubs and provide babysitting services (with an extra charge). Please inform us when booking so we can give you the best options.

 Do I need any specific experience or background to join a Wellness Retreat?

 Absolutely not. We welcome everyone to experience the Andes, the therapies and themselves on any of our retreats /tours.