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What to do in Mancora

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 13-02-2023

Mancora is one of those beach towns that has so many things to do, that you will not easily get bored. You can learn to surf, chill on the beach and take a walk to Las Pocitas.  If you are done with the sand? Sample delicious food, experience stunning sunsets, and have awesome nights out. Mancora is your beachside paradise in the north of Peru!


If your ideal Peru vacation package involves lounging around on a chilled-out beach, surfing under clear blue skies, and filling your face with ceviche.  If the answer is yes, then the best place to go when you visit Peru for a beach vacation is Mancora.

Surfing at Sunset


Learn to surf

Number one on the list of things to do in Mancora has to be surfing, as it is the main reason travelers come to this town in Northern Peru. Mancora is the best place to learn to surf in Peru. The reason is that the sun is always shining, the waves are predictable and suitable for beginners and the surf schools in Mancora are positioned right at the beach where the surfing happens. With nearly 25 surrounding shark-free beaches offering an ideal swell direction and perfect wind conditions during both summer and winter seasons, this little Bohemian town is for sure the best spot to settle down and hop on a board. While the town’s beach will most likely attract beginners, the most experienced surfers will head to Lobitos, Tumbes, Cabo Blanco, or Piura where they will find very little in the way of crowds and up to 3m long and tubular waves!


Surfing is one of the main things to do in Mancora. The waves on this town’s beach are made especially for surfers; they are usually small, which makes them perfect for beginners. You can learn to surf on your Peru tour package if you haven’t tried it before. There are 2 surf schools right at the center of the beach. They charge around 57 to 76 Peruvian soles ($15 to $20) for 1.5 hours of surfing lessons.

Small Waves

Kite surfing

The sandy beaches of Mancora and Los Organos stretch for kilometers with strong and consistent wind and reasonably warm waters. For these reasons, Kite-surfing, a new activity in the area, is literally exploding due to the opening of schools and specialized lodging. The best conditions are from April to December with August having the greatest conditions.


Kitesurfing is an excellent activity that every sea-lover should try. This adrenalin-filled pastime involves flying high above the waves at full speed. There are kitesurfing schools on Mancora’s beachfront if you wish to take classes. Remember there will be a cold beer waiting for you after this Peru adventure vacation!

Kite Surfing


Watch the sunset at the Mancora lighthouse (El Mirador del Faro)


Although each sunset in Mancora will be stunning, there is one location to watch the sunset in Mancora that beats them all... the Mancora lighthouse or “El Mirador del Faro”. The lighthouse is positioned on top of a hill and it gives you a beautiful view over Mancora and the Pacific Ocean bathed in orange light. The lighthouse is stunning itself and the huts and benches on top of the hill give the location a very relaxed vibe. Furthermore, not too many people are willing to make the climb up to El Mirador del Faro, so it is not too crowded, and you can really enjoy the view. Relax on the beaches of Mancora.


Nothing beats the spectacular sunset in Mancora. The sunset in this town is the best you will find in all of Peru. All along this part of the coastal region, the sunset is a piece of art. Pull up your deck chair with your favorite tipple for the most relaxing experience on your Peru vacation package.

El Faro


Soak up The Sun

Although Peru has a lot of coastal areas, yet Peru is not your typical beach holiday country. However, some of the best beaches in Peru you will find in and around Mancora. Accordingly, this little surf town with good weather all year round is a good summer getaway to work on your tan. There are generally 3 main beaches you can choose from in Mancora.  Playa Mancora in the town center and slightly north, Playa del Amor to the north, and Las Pocitas to the south. Try them all out and see which one is your favorite! 


Playa Mancora is found in the center of the town of the same name. Tourists visit Mancora all year round for its sunny days and party-filled nights. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and hotels, and you can also find many stores for shopping on this beach. If you are looking for a more chilled-out beach vacation, head further north to Punta Sal on your Peru adventures.

Mancora Beach


Go Whale Watching in Los Organos

From July to October, Humpback Whales reach the coast of Peru after a long journey from the cold waters of Antarctica. They stay in the area during the austral winter to give birth or to mate before heading back south to feed. During their time in the Peruvian Pacific Ocean, the humpback whales are very active, which offers tourists the opportunity to see them, and if you’re lucky you can even spot them breaching.


To watch whales in Mancora you should visit between July and October. There are many boats to take you to the best whale-watching spots in The Pacific Ocean. Bear in mind that it is fine to admire these gentle giants, but you should avoid touching them while on your Peru tours.We promote sustainable travel on all our Peru tour packages.

Whale Watching


Swim with Green Turtles

Only a few kilometers from Mancora beach, Green Turtles can be spotted all year long. Most whale-watching tours will include swimming with turtles in their excursions, but if it isn’t part of your tour, you can still do it yourself as long as you have a snorkel and mask. The Green Turtles usually hang out around the pier at the small Nuro port, along with the Pelicans, eating the leftovers of the fishermen. Peruvian and international tourists often swim from the shore to approach the turtles. Please note that Green Turtles are an endangered species. Be considerate and avoid touching them or staying too long near them. If the turtle swims away from you, let it go, and don’t chase it. An overdeveloped tourism industry can be stressful for the turtles and the results are thought to affect their yearly hatchlings. Stressed turtles are less likely to return to the area to mate or lay their eggs.


You can also swim with sea turtles in the Mancora. There are official tours that you can book in advance or look for the tourists bobbing up and down in the water with life jackets. This is where sea turtles are likely to be. For responsible travel purposes, we recommend not touching the sea turtles if you decide to swim with them on your Peru vacation package.

Green Sea Turtles

Visit the Mud Baths

Located in the nearby town of Zorritos (about 45 minutes away) is a collection of five naturally occurring mud baths. Each pool provides a different textural experience and healing property.


Head to Ecofundo La Caprichosa, where the thermal springs and mud baths are located. Relax  in the thermal springs, which are natural pools with water of differing temperatures. We will also be able to enjoy the mud baths that are beneficial for skin care and have medicinal properties. There are also optional activities offered at the ecolodge like a canopy tour to spot the local wildlife on your Peru tour package.

Mud Baths


Mancora Yoga, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu


Yoga in Mancora


Wellness activities and classes of all types are the “new” hip activity in Mancora. Where better to have some downtime and take care of your mind, body, and soul?

Lessons take place at the hotel Las Ballistas (on the other side of the bridge) as well as in other places. Different Yoga styles are taught at the beautiful location, they have a board with the class times.

Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu

Fairly unexpected, but you can also practice martial arts in Mancora! Some of the best Muay Thai boxers in Peru come from here. There are several places to practice and the classes are mostly attended by locals. The easiest place to go to is Psygon surf camp, they also offer Jiu-Jitsu.


Yoga in Peru is a popular activity, espeially in Mancora. Many people stop here to enjoy the sun, surf and practice yoga. There are numerous places that offer yoga classes for all levels. Your hotel will recommend Yoga classess and wellness retreats. It is also possible to join a sound therapy or meditation classes.

Yoga on The Beach


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